Fresh Tomatoes: How Special Is The Price?

By Bob Johnson

There is tremendous variation in the prices within the fresh market tomato category.
“When it comes to tomatoes, many consumers will pay more for quality,” says Lucky Lee, vice president of sales for Lucky’s Real Tomatoes, Brooklyn, NY. “It’s not necessarily size or appearance, it’s a tomato that tastes like a tomato, and it costs more to achieve that goal. Continued increases in sales have shown that consumers will pay more to serve a great-tasting, healthier tomato to their families.”


Restaurants & Retail: Who Influences Whom?

By Chris Auman

Many of the same trends of convenience, health, locally sourced and organic are found throughout both foodservice and retail. Does one influence the other more, or are both driven by consumer demand? And what does that mean for the produce industry?


Wendy’s Snags Inaugural ‘Fresh In Produce’ Award At 2016 Ideation Fresh Foodservice Forum

By Kayla Young for PRODUCE BUSINESS 

While white-tablecloth restaurants may set the pace for fresh produce trends, industry leaders recognize the momentum-driving power of quick serve restaurants (QSR). Through widespread success of salads and other fresh menu items, chains such as Wendy’s have proven that the produce possibilities for QSR extend far beyond tomatoes and fries


Don’t Underestimate The Power Of Fresh Herbs

A magnet for produce, they have tremendous potential for increased sales.

By Barry Sparks

Fresh herbs account for only 2 to 5 percent of produce sales, according to Chick Goodman of Christiansted, Virgin Islands-based Coosemans Worldwide, Inc., but that figure belies their importance.

“Fresh herbs are a first-destination item,” adds Goodman. “Fresh herbs are on the top of the list for home chefs and cooks. To cook fresh, you need herbs. And, that type of consumer will select a store based on its herbs.”


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Produce Business | Floral Business 30 Years
PRODUCE BUSINESS is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. We thought it would be apropos to reach out to produce veterans in retail who also have 30 years of experience in the industry so they could share their wisdom and provide food for thought on the future. Each issue of PRODUCE BUSINESS this year includes another viewpoint from a produce enthusiast, so enjoy these Q&A’s with more to follow.

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